Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Lazy Days Skirts

I hit up a local quilting shop yesterday and got some fabric to make a few more Oliver + S Lazy Days skirts.

The yellow fabric is called Better Gnomes & Gardens by Heather DuPont. The red and yellow is a batik but I don't have a name for it. The light blue fabric is called Cosmos by Dan Bennet and the dark blue one is called Color Me Retro by Jeni Baker.

I have a friend that has two little girls. They are the same ages as Hugh and Owen. We always send gifts back and forth for the kids' birthdays and Christmas. These skirts will be part of their birthday gifts!

The pink skirt was a last minute add on. Hugh got his first invite to a girl's birthday party this weekend so I let him pick out some more fabric to make her a skirt as well.

Even though I don't like pink, I do think it came out pretty cute.

I made custom tags for each of the skirts. It has the first letter of the girl's name on it. (Just a quick note here...I got a question about the selvedge edge showing on the skirts...I followed the pattern exactly as stated and the pattern said to leave it on. I do see how it may shrink differently in the wash though. I did cut it off and serge the edge on the pink skirt for a nicer finish)

I just can't get over how easy these are to make! I may have to buy one of the oliver + s patterns now, if everything they have turns out this great!

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