Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Baby Shower Gift.

My nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby. I think babies are just awesome and should be celebrated. I saw this great basket over at Noodlehead some time back and I just knew I had to make it. So, when I found out someone in the family was having a baby I jumped on that pattern! 

Here is the completed basket full of baby goodies! It just about killed me to wait to find out the colors they were using for the nursery. I wanted to buy fabric and get started the day I found out! I did wait though. Everyone likes different colors and has different 'styles' and I wanted the gift to be something that they would enjoy and use.


The expecting couple finally
 registered and they indicated that the nursery was going to be done in orange, green, and light beige. They had some small dark brown items on the registery so I used that info and hit the local fabric stores and quilting shops. It was like I hit a brick wall. Everything I could find in those colors was ugly, or floral (not great for a boy), or had other colors mixed in. I usually like to buy local if I can but I had to shop online for the fabric this time. Someone had recently given me the link to a great online fabric store and I hit the jackpot there!

I started the project with the actual basket. The Noodlehead pattern was super easy to follow and it turned out beautifully. I also bought a pattern for a bag from them that I can't wait to make!

I picked the dark brown...called Rings in Brown by Dear Stella for the outside and a fun pop of orange...called Sweet Zig Zag in Orange by Lori Whitlock  for the inside. The trim is Rings in Cream by Mankower UK. After some digging I found out that the nursery was painted in the green, so I wanted this to compliment and not blend in. I also had in the back of my mind that it could be used out in the livingroom; possibly stuffed with some diapers, wipes, and extra burp cloths.

 Next up a made a fleece lined swaddler. Gail from over at Probably Actually has made a couple and they are just perfect! For the swaddler I went with Kulla in Orange by Lotta Jansdotter on the outside and some thin Malden Mills fleece (I bought this in bulk 6 years ago when I was on the cloth diaper making kick...I have something like 100 yards of it still) on the inside.

Crib Sheets
 I also made crib sheets in a nice soft flannel. The crib sheets in the store are all the same and all boring. I made these from an online tutorial I came across here. The fabric is Typewriter Text in Pistachio by Robert Kaufman

 Burp Cloths

For these, I just hit up my local cloth diaper store and bought the super absorbent Unbleached Indian Prefold diapers. I gave them a wash and dry to quilt them up a bit, then I added a simple binding on the ends. Super easy and cute! I have seen others that put the 'fun' fabric as a strip up the middle of the diaper but they are sooo good at absorbing and cleaning up spit up as is, I didn't want to mess with a good thing. If they were telling the baby's name I might have embroidered that down in the corner. For these I used the same brown rings fabric from in the basket, as well as the green flannel that was used in the sheets. I also used Squared Elements in Orange and Jungle Animals in Orange by Allison Cole.

Wash Cloths

For the wash cloths I used a microterry that I have had for some time (also from the cloth diaper making stint). For 3 of them I completely backed the wash cloth with some of the fabric. Then for the others I surged the edges of the microterry and then added a decorative strip...making sure to include all the fabrics from the project. I had to tie it all in some how!

Finally, I appliqued some onsies with fun stuffs! I did a bow tie with the Squared Elements in Orange. Then I did a regular tie with a scrap from my huge pile of scraps. Then on the last onsie I did a cloud. The cloud was to match the pants I made. The pattern for the pants was a free one from Made-by-Rae. They were super easy to make and just completely adorable! The main fabric for the pants was Crosshatch Sketch in Caramel by Timeless Treasures.

Baby Shower Gift

Here is everything all ready to be stuffed in the basket. I also tossed in some baby body/hair wash, the best diaper cream that I have come across after 3 kids, and some bamboo nursing pads.

I had so much fun putting this together. It was a good 3 weeks of sewing every time I could stick the boys in front of their video games every moment the kids would let me sit down. Lots of sewing until late in the night after the kids were all in bed as well. Now I can't wait for someone else to have a baby so I can put together another one!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Ice Cream Dress

 This was my first go at an Oliver + S pattern...well a paid for one anyway. I am very fond of the Lazy Days Skirt, free pattern on their site. 

My niece is getting married so Miss Faye needed a party dress. I already had the material...a pale yellow broadcloth from Hobby Lobby and a pair of white eyelet pajama pants from the back of my drawer; they just never fit quite I was on the lookout for a pattern. Gail from over at Probably Actually just made another Ice Cream top and I knew that the dress version would be perfect for what I had in mind.

The pattern was easy to follow. They give great tip for making each step a bit easier. Overall, I'm totally in love with the dress I made! I made the 12-18 month size which turned out to be way too long...but fit great everywhere else. I kept all the extra material and just folded it into the hem. This way, as long as the head and sleeves still fit; I have 4 inches I can let the dress out at the bottom. I also modified the dress as well. I wanted the eyelet as an overlay and the pattern called for color blocking. The color blocking just was not what I had in mind for a party dress. I also didn't add the pockets or the 'v' notch that should have been on the collar. I also added some ribbon on the bottom to sort of mimic the color blocking.

Here is the completed dress (well, maybe not...I think I want to add something up near the top).
I created the split by folding the eyelet in half after I already cut out the pattern piece. I marked in 2.5 inches (knowing that would double when I unfolded the dress) and around 12 inches up. I cut out the 'V' shape that I had created and then I unfolded the dress and continued cutting the front piece in half. I put in a 1/4" hem going down each side and then I used my surger to sew the two halves back together.

I made the main part of the dress out of a pale yellow material that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. It was one of those purchases just because I loved the color. It was also only a $2 purchase...I mean, how could you pass something like that up! I just knew I would find a reason to use it.
I also picked out a fun button with the help of Miss Faye's big brothers.
She looks adorable in the dress! As you can see, I added white ribbon on the yellow fabric and yellow ribbon on the eyelet. I choose three different ribbons to add some visual interest.
And someday my 11 month old will get some hair!
ETA....I did add some daisies! This dress is just perfect!