Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Personal Pirate

What do we know about pirates?

They are grumpy.

They have a limited vocabulary.

They are from the Caribbean.

                      They wear an eye patch.

They drink Rum

......but the truth?

The truth is that they are just regular guys that woke up one day with bell's palsey. They are grumpy because half their face does not work. They say Arrrrr because they are hungry and can't make their mouth work or taste anything that ends up shoved in there. The eye patch becomes a necessity since they can no longer close their eye. And finally, the rum...well doesn't that make everything better?

Oh, did I forget about the Caribbean? Yeah, I think after this experience he deserves a trip to the Caribbean!

Here's to my personal Pirate. I love you and I hope it goes away quickly.
My Personal Pirate.