Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Ice Cream Dress

 This was my first go at an Oliver + S pattern...well a paid for one anyway. I am very fond of the Lazy Days Skirt, free pattern on their site. 

My niece is getting married so Miss Faye needed a party dress. I already had the material...a pale yellow broadcloth from Hobby Lobby and a pair of white eyelet pajama pants from the back of my drawer; they just never fit quite right....so I was on the lookout for a pattern. Gail from over at Probably Actually just made another Ice Cream top and I knew that the dress version would be perfect for what I had in mind.

The pattern was easy to follow. They give great tip for making each step a bit easier. Overall, I'm totally in love with the dress I made! I made the 12-18 month size which turned out to be way too long...but fit great everywhere else. I kept all the extra material and just folded it into the hem. This way, as long as the head and sleeves still fit; I have 4 inches I can let the dress out at the bottom. I also modified the dress as well. I wanted the eyelet as an overlay and the pattern called for color blocking. The color blocking just was not what I had in mind for a party dress. I also didn't add the pockets or the 'v' notch that should have been on the collar. I also added some ribbon on the bottom to sort of mimic the color blocking.

Here is the completed dress (well, maybe not...I think I want to add something up near the top).
I created the split by folding the eyelet in half after I already cut out the pattern piece. I marked in 2.5 inches (knowing that would double when I unfolded the dress) and around 12 inches up. I cut out the 'V' shape that I had created and then I unfolded the dress and continued cutting the front piece in half. I put in a 1/4" hem going down each side and then I used my surger to sew the two halves back together.

I made the main part of the dress out of a pale yellow material that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. It was one of those purchases just because I loved the color. It was also only a $2 purchase...I mean, how could you pass something like that up! I just knew I would find a reason to use it.
I also picked out a fun button with the help of Miss Faye's big brothers.
She looks adorable in the dress! As you can see, I added white ribbon on the yellow fabric and yellow ribbon on the eyelet. I choose three different ribbons to add some visual interest.
And someday my 11 month old will get some hair!
ETA....I did add some daisies! This dress is just perfect!

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