Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Name for the Nursery.

I have been CRAZY busy with projects here. Too busy to sit and type up posts and some things I have been making are gifts and I can't share until the gifts have been given. So, here is a quick recap of a 10 month/10 minute project.

I took 10 months to get around to the project and then it only took me 10 minutes.

For each of my children I have purchased and decorated wooden letters spelling out their name. For my boys I had this done before they even arrived. For Miss Faye I'm just getting around to it. First, we took FOREVER picking her name out while I was pregnant. Then, she choose to come 3 weeks early...and well, 10 months and 10 minutes later.......

  Instead of painting the letters like I did for the boys, I used scrapbook paper and mod podge for Miss Faye's name. I pulled the main colors from her room and did each letter a different color. I also made a point to choose different "textures" to supply some visual interest.

Except for the spacing being off (too much space between the A and the Y), I love it!

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