Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Sabrina Dress

Here is the Sabrina Dress from Sew Sweet Patterns I love the material that I picked for the dress but I'm not completely satisfied with the fit. I made the 6 to 9 month size (Miss Faye was 9 months in these pictures) and it is HUGE on her (around, not in length). Usually, she is true to size...she is right below the 50th %. I love the dress though, so I will make it again with some alterations to the pattern first. I like how there is a button and loop in the back...I think I will just add another one to stop the gaping. I also like how the bodice is lined. I also like that I will just be able to add another "tier" to the skirt to make it longer. She will be able to wear this dress for a good couple of years (without having to make another one).

Here she is standing up. You can see how HUGE it is. The neck is just way too big and the dress falls off one shoulder all the time.  I may be able to add a pleat in the front to help with that. Maybe take the sides in a couple of inches as well. I followed the pattern exactly...the other patterns from Sew Sweet Patterns have fit beautifully. I'm quite disappointed that this one is just so 'off'.

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