Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Laundry Schedule

Everyone hates laundry. I know of no one that enjoys it. Yet, it has to be done....and there is a LOT of laundry for a family of 5. Sheets, towels, baby socks, rags (we don't use paper towels here, only cloth), kid's clothing with only one a small difference in size....well, you get the picture. It is a lot of laundry that is not that fun to sort. We kept getting to the point of drowning with all of the folding. No one wanted to fold because it was so difficult to sort at the same time (well, really only Greg did the laundry before. He always gets mad that I say we when it is only him doing something), plus the space needed to have all the folded piles was immense. Think about taking all the clothing for 5 people and washing it by sorting darks from imagine folding it all. 5 piles for underwear, 5 piles for socks, 5 piles for pants, etc. Needless to say that method is the wrong one with so many people...oh, yeah....and having to check the tags for all the kid pants and shirts to know which pile to put it in just added more to the fun factor.

I started checking out all the pinterest laundry pins I could find. Then I started googling it. I decided that we would just give up clothing and become nudists start assigning each person a laundry day. We hit the store and got a couple more baskets and now each person in our house has their own. Not only that, but the cloth diapers, and towels, and sheets each have their own baskets as well.

Every two to three days I have to do a load of diapers.

This is working out really well for us. Each person puts their dirty clothes in "their" basket and on their laundry day they bring their basket to the living room. I get it washed and folded and back in the basket by the end of the day (let's be honest here....rarely does it actually get folded that day, but it does get cleaned and dried that day). Each person is then responsible for putting their clothes away (well, except Faye). When the folding does happen it is much easier to just grab a basket and fold that one person's things and put it back in the basket.

Now what I want to do is to build one of the basket towers that I keep finding on Pinterest, like this one...

If anyone has any wonderful tips on getting a magic fairy into the house to fold all this laundry that would be great..

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