Saturday, April 6, 2013

Baby Wash Cloths

I love babies and baby showers. They are just the most perfect reason to celebrate. I love being able to make nice things that the new mom will be able to use. I usually check the registry as well because I was so dissappointed at my own shower when I got almost nothing from my registry. I love that everyone wanted to get me something special but I had things on there that I NEEDED! Anyway, this mom-to-be had a TON of stuff that had been purchased from the registry so I didn't feel bad at all by making her a gift instead!

I knew I wanted to make baby sized wash cloths. I already had about 3 yards of the micro terry cloth in my stash of fabrics. I also knew the mom-to-be really loves owls, so I hit up the fabric store and got a few fabrics to go with the owl theme and to line the back of the wash cloths.

There are tons of blogs and instruction sites out there giving ideas and measurements and I found this one pretty useful and close to the idea I had in my head. The big difference is that I cut and used the terry cloth from the bolt and didn't buy cloths all done already.

Here are mine all done!
Oh, and the one on top (there are two for the shower but only one pictured) I got the idea for from here. I added a bit more stitching around the edges of the fabric strip to keep it flat. I also just surged around the edges on this one instead of doing a binding.
On the rest of them, I cut out 8" x 8" squares of both the micro terry cloth and the fabrics. I made sure to wash on hot and dry to pre-shrink everything. Then I just put them right side together and sewed around the edges, clipping the corners and trimming excess around the seams. I left a spot open to turn everything. I used a knitting needle to work the corners then I ironed it and did a top stitch around the edges.

I may be a bit biased because I made them, but I think they turned out great!
Then I hit up the local cloth diaper store which happens to be less than a mile from my house; and got a great baby body wash/shampoo and a small sample of my favorite diaper cream (good for everything cream)!

I really wish I had the time to make a basket to put everything in. I do have another friend that is pregnant....

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