Thursday, April 11, 2013

Painted Table

When my oldest was about 3 he took to stabbing the table with his fork. I realized that instead of fighting him all the time I would just get a different kid friendly table. I hit up all the garage sales in the area and got a great table that came with 2 leaves and 6 chairs.

I sanded and primed the table then painted the entire thing white. I painted the edge of the table green and blue..

Next, I found a fun stencil and got a few more colors of paint. I covered the entire top of the table with the stencil.

While it was fun, it was just a bit too bold....Here is the entire top after I completed the stenciling.
I toned it down a lot buy dry brushing more white over the top and the edges.

After that I put around 5 coats of poly on.
And finally in the newly painted dining room (I will put a post up soon with these pictures).
I still need to paint the chairs. I am planning on painting each one a different color to match the colors in the table.

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