Monday, April 22, 2013

Pinafore Part Deux

I got busy and made another pinafore. I really love this pattern!
I had to pin the pattern today because my chalk wheel ran out of chalk. Of course I had just been to the fabric store the day before. Oh well, it only added a few minutes. If you don't remember from the cutest pinafore ever post, I am in love with this pattern. It is from Sew Sweet Patterns and is called the Mayah Reversible Pinafore and Bloomers.

There are only a few pieces to cut out and sew together, so I decided to try my hand at some applique using the fabric from the reverse side.
Let me tell you. I am terrible at using the freehand satin stitch on my sewing machine. It turned out okay but my perfectionist type personality keeps telling me to rip it out. I think I will leave it in and then get some more practice....I need a baseline to see if I'm getting any better.
Anyway, the top is done and looks amazing!
And these next two pictures keep turning when I upload them and I can't turn them again. You get the idea though!

 Now for the best part....the fashion show!
It is still a bit big on her. I did make the next size up, hoping it would fit the entire summer. You can really tell in this pic. I really do love the fabric as well. The pale creamy butter color looks good with her complexion.
Here is the other side.

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