Friday, March 29, 2013

Painted Crib

I promised a post about the pink crib in Miss Faye's room. I love color and I love to make my world a  bit more colorful with paint, so I paint everything....and I do it often. There is no better excuse to paint than finding out you are having a girl after 2 boys. The first thing I did for the new baby's room was to paint the crib pink (a little side note about the color pink....I strongly dislike the color for little girls. It has been over used soooo much, but I just could not find a color that went with the rest of her room. So, pink it is).

 It did take a few steps to get to this and to make sure that it would be baby safe, but like I said before I am obsessed with painting and love to do it!

Step one: acquire a crib. I bought a new Jenny Lind style crib (we had to trash the crib the boys used because it was a drop side and the company refused to send parts to convert it). Anyway, the crib needed a couple coats of primer first.

Step two: Primer....I used 2 cans of this.
Step three: Paint...I think I used 6 cans of spray paint.

Don't forget to flip it over and paint both sides!
Step four: seal everything with a spray polycrylic.

Step five: Realize that maybe you should have painted the room before you painted the crib because now you have no where to put the crib!

Here is the crib now in Miss Faye's room.

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  1. What kind of spray paint did you use? I just spray painted a crib and used Valspar Primer+Paint Furniture spray paint. However I was concerned about the VOC levels in spray paints. Is it enough to let the crib air out for days or weeks? I don't want to put a baby's health at risk!