Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A stress busting skirt!

I have been slack in the blog department. I have been keeping very busy though! I had a joint birthday party for the boys, I made a dress for Miss Faye, and we had an awesome camping trip. I will get posts up for all of those things soon!

For now, I made yet another Lazy Days Skirt for Miss Faye. The quick and easy aspect of the skirt makes me feel like I have accomplished something. Even if it only took me around 35 minutes to make. I have so many other projects that are huge time and energy eaters that 'accomplishing' something makes me feel like I'm out of the project rut.

Some of the projects that I'm working on.....

  • A set of cocktail sized napkins for a Montessori classroom (I'm actually almost finished with these).
  • A guest blog post for a good friend (not hard but I need the mental energy to rework a current post to make it 'right')
  • A 4th of July dress or outfit for Miss Faye
  • Planning and putting up a chicken wire fence to keep the bunnies out of my garden
  • Planning Miss Faye's 1st birthday party
  • Making a party dress for Miss Faye
  • I got an awesome dresser that I garbage picked...I need to refinish/paint it
  • A full set of curtains for a friend's bedroom

 Here is the skirt.
I used left over fabric from a birthday gift to Hugh's Birthday Buddy. Shown in this post. I really liked it with the darker purple ribbon but I didn't have enough so I made a quick trip to the store for this. I also added some top stitching around the waist and a matching purple tag. I also switched to using my surger.
I made this skirt a bit on the long side so that it will last longer for Miss Faye. Now, I need to come up with a top to match it...or at least sort of go with the skirt. Right now I have nothing.

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