Monday, November 11, 2013

Star Wars Art Smock

Way back in the middle of September I made a bunch of bias tape. I made it so I could make Hugh an art smock for school. It should have been done way back in August but I was having trouble figuring out exactly how I wanted to make this. I wanted it to 'grow' with him and easy for a 6 year old to get on and off. I also have a very opinionated boy who very much had a say on the fabric choices.

This is what we ended up with.....front


 I have tons of PUL fabric for making cloth diapers/covers. So, I used that for the body of the smock. It is completely water proof. Nothing is getting through it. To get the shape, I just laid out a t-shirt of Hugh's and traced out the neckline and arm holes (making a point to add a couple of inches for growth). Then we went through my stash and Hugh picked the Star Wars fabric. That was a good choice because I had a blue to match it in the PUL. I would have done a black or a blue bias tape but Hugh wanted Yoda green. The Star Wars fabric has been divided into 3 pockets.

As for the belt, well it was the best way I could come up with that would be easy for him to put the smock on and off himself. It has snaps to adjust the size. The belt is attached to the back part of the smock and then wraps around the front, holding everything together.
 The back is completely plain

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